Lancio® Baton


Our Lancio® batons have a bold appearance, and an equally bold feel. The handles are turned from aluminum alloy, then hardened in a process called anodizing. While the overall weight of the Lancio baton is greater than our wood batons, the majority of the mass is located in the handle, hence in your fingers. This mass provides a damping action to the movement of the baton that defies description. You simply have to feel it!   All Lancio® Batons are fitted with our gorgeous pearlescent white carbon fiber shafts.

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Color Handle Choices:

Colors shown below from left to right: red, purple, green, blue, pink, silver, black and gold. You will find silver, black and gold in many retail music stores, but the other colors are only available through this website. Please understand that colors may vary slightly due to differences in computer displays and dye lots.


Overall Length: 12 inches (305 mm)

14 inches (355 mm)

16 inches (405 mm)

Handle Size: 12 inch baton: 0.75 in. x 2 in. (20mm x 50mm)

14 inch baton: 0.75 in. x 2.25 in. (20mm x 55mm)

16 inch baton: 0.75 in. x 2.25 in. (20mm x 55mm)

Approx. Weight: 12 inch: 0.65 oz.

14 inch: 0.70 oz.

16 inch: 0.75 oz.